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Legal Funding

No matter what your economic status and financial standing may be, one of justice's fundamental principles says that you can gain the access to get representation and legal advice. Getting legal assistance can really require a lot of money from you and it will definitely oblige you to acquire lawsuit funding. There are various financing options that people can choose from to win their cases.

Options For Lawsuit Funding

If it is your first time to consult a legal advisor or an attorney, oftentimes, you will not be required to pay any amount. In your free primary interview, you will get to know your choices, your case's success rate and the precise and accurate quotation for your advisor's service. Your options are:

Legal aid: It refers to the financial aid the government will grant to people who need legal representation and assistance. This depends mainly on the individual's financial standing, his case and the likes. You may choose to apply for this.

Legal insurance cover: This is where they will ask if you possess insurance policies that can give you legal finance during these circumstances. If this is the case, they will contact your insurance provider, then, legal representation and advice will already be offered to you for free. Examples of the types of case where this can be applied include life or property loss because of other's negligence, unfair dismissal, unemployment and personal injury. However, it is still best to know how much you will get from your insurer before you file lawsuits.

Lawsuit financing company: Other than the options mentioned above, one of the highly profound choices that plaintiffs may consider is getting legal finance from companies that provide lawsuit finance. Most of them offer cash advances for pre-settlement to assist the plaintiff in paying for his personal concerns and for legal representation.

Legal Funding Advantages

You may have several benefits when looking for legal financing, especially when you choose to seek help from a private lawsuit company. You may only request for the lawsuit loan when the lawsuit is on-going, not when it is already near being settled.

  • It offers a basic financial assistance to the attorney and the plaintiff. Since you get the lawsuit loan when the case is on-going, it decreases the financial pressures brought about by the lawsuit. Also, keep in mind that it works in a no-win-no-payback scheme. If you don't achieve success, you will not have to spend your money on it.
  • Getting legal financing is free from any type of risk. Whoever you may be, you can request for this type of loan as long as you have cases in court. No pre-approval fees, monthly fees and upfront charges will be required from you and credit checks will not be conducted.
  • Legal financing allows your attorney to focus completely on making your case end up successfully. Provided that his payment is guaranteed when the case ends, your legal representative will definitely be driven to win your case which may result to fair settlements.


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