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Frequently Asked Questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In case you are a first time borrower of pre-settlement loans, you might be having number of queries popping up your mind. Though it is not possible for us to clear all your doubts, we have tried our best to answer most of your common queries. However, if you find that your question is not answered below you can feel free to call us at this number 1 609-462-6182 or at our Toll Free number 1 800-918-2310.

Do pre-settlement credit finances fall under the category of loans? "

No, they differ from the basic category of normal loans in the sense that pre-settlement loans are to be repaid only in cases where plaintiff wins the case while other loans are forms of debit that have to be cleared out at any cost. Since their basic nature is different, they bypass the need for repayment if the borrower or the defendant loses the case.

What can I do to surpass my bad credit score?

Your credit score plays no role in deciding whether you are eligible for the pre-settlement loan or not. In fact, we don't even ask for it while reviewing your case! However, unluckily if you lose your case you do not have to take pains to return the advance rather you have the right to keep it with you. We do not notify this to any credit agency so your personal credit remains unaffected.

What are the maximum and the minimum limit credit limits?

You are entitled for a minimum of $500 while the maximum amount goes up to $100,000.

What are the determinants of a lawsuit advance that help you decide the loan amount in my particular case?

For broad explanation you can seek the advice of your attorney; he will guide you and tell you how every legal case is different from the other in terms of complexity and nature. So, don't just go by what you are told by your neighbors or friends as their case might be totally different from yours. However, we broadly nofollow some guidelines in determining whether a defendant is eligible for a loan or not; which are as nofollows:

  • What is the nature of respondent's liability?
  • Where you have received injuries and how severe they are?
  • How much is your total medical bill amount?
  • How much loss have you borne in terms of your wages?
  • Is the defendant insured under liability insurance?
  • What policy limit is offered by respondent's insurance company?
  • Are you covered under any other type of insurance or not?
  • Does your case suffer from other liens that are opposing your case?
  • In which state and under whose jurisdiction your accident took place?

Can I do something to increase the probability of my getting a pre-settlement advance amount?

Yes try to be true and honest and don't hide any major information that might be important in your case. Because, if we come to know that you have either shared wrong information or an incomplete one, we immediately disapprove your application and stop your funding procedure.

Who will get in touch with my attorney-I or you?

We will get in touch with your attorney. The only thing you need to do is ensure that we are provided with sufficient information about your attorney. It should include the correct name and number of your paralegal or your lawyer.

Do I need to send you the reports of my accident or medical bills?

No, there is no need for you to send as we must receive them from your attorney's office directly.

Am I entitled for another amount if I have already acquired an advance?

Yes you are, as we re-evaluate your case and check to see if there is need for additional amount. We often do this.

If I have taken a lawsuit advance from a different company prior to contacting you that how does it affect my case?

That's absolutely fine; we move further, contact the other company and pay off your advance amount from our pocket. We then add this amount in the advance already taken by you to arrive at a final amount figure. This way you benefit from our lowest rate guarantee feature.

Does your company charge any application fee for pre-settlement funding?

No, we do not charge any application fee against your pre-settlement funding procedure activities.

Does your company charge a processing fee?

No, unlike our competitors we do not charge any amount under the name of processing fee that is required to process your application.

Do I need to sign any document in order to avail a pre-settlement advance on behalf of my lawsuit?

Yes, if your lawsuit funding loan gets approved, we will be sending your attorney a contract note. Now you will have to go there, pick it up, get it signed by your attorney and you and send us. The moment we receive the contract signed by you and your attorney, your check will be handed over to you. We send the contract directly to your attorney's office. This procedure remains the same in most of the cases but may vary from time to time depending upon the nature and complexity of the circumstances prevalent at that time and place.

How can I get started and initiate the funding process?

Give us a call at 1 609-462-6182 or else drop us a mail at

What can I do in case I do not have an attorney or a lawyer?

Attorney is our basic requirement without which we do not consider your candidature for pre-settlement funding. However, if you have not got any lawyer till now then you can call us, we will surely help you locate one.


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